The technology


The true feeling of riding free

automatic bicycle transmissions



A patented breakthrough for eBike riders, ratioX is a totally touchless, fully stepless automatic transmission for a smooth and comfortable ride. Focus on your journey and feel the freedom that comes from riding with confidence.


Totally touchless and fully stepless, the ratioX automatic eBike transmission will change the way you cycle forever.

A safer ride

Keep your focus on the road. The totally touchless mechanism means you can pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Everyday confidence

Ride more often, and enjoy your ride more. You’re always in the correct gear, whatever happens on the road.

Constant comfort

The stepless automatic transmission takes care of everything, for a smooth and comfortable journey every time.

Total control

The patented mechanism delivers power to the wheel at the optimal ratio for your pedal speed at every stage of your journey. You’re in control, all the time.

Swiss quality

Designed and assembled in Switzerland to rigorous quality standards for low maintenance and long-term daily use in all weathers and all conditions.

Easy integration

Precision aluminium components in a watertight, dustproof casing make ratioX robust without adding unnecessary weight to the bike.

Strong yet light

Precision aluminium components in a watertight, dustproof casing make ratioX robust without adding unnecessary weight to the bike.

Easy maintenance

There are no fluids in ratioX, so no topping up – and no leaks or stains. An annual service is all that’s needed to keep the mechanism in perfect condition.

Who is it for?


Whether you’re an eBike manufacturer, a retailer or a bicycle brand, contact us to find out more about ratioX.

The Technology

Our innovative approach to using tried and tested technologies creates a smooth new riding experience.

Genuine innovation

Our innovative reverse CVT system patent has been granted in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and the United States, confirming and legally protecting the inventive step that we bring to CVT technology. The patent numbers are EP 3390213 B1; US 11208175 B2; JP 7105189 B2; TW I755371B; AU 2016369409 B2.

Continuously variable transmission (CVT)

The proprietary mechanical CVT is manufactured with aluminium components for lightness and housed in a strong sealed casing. It operates in a completely dry environment to increase reliability and minimise maintenance.


As pedalling starts the patented hypergear™ multiplies the input pedal speed to allow the CVT to work smoothly. With its integral freewheel, ratioX remains in sync with the bicycle whenever it stops, slows down or speeds up, for smooth pedalling at all times.

Constant Cadence (Pedal Speed)

Constant pedal speed makes for a comfortable and enjoyable experience, and transmitting rider-generated power from the pedals to the wheel at the optimal ratio is the key. Reversing the CVT so that rear wheel speed adjusts the transmission ratio is the innovation that makes this happen. The rider never has to change gears and can focus on maintaining the perfect pace.

Centre mounting

A watertight, dustproof casing protects ratioX from road dirt and damage. It can be integrated into the bottom bracket of all types of frames. The lightweight components and low centre of gravity contribute to the ideal balance of the bike, and there are no cables to run or controls to fit onto the handlebars.


If you are interested in how ratioX can improve your riding experience, contact us and we’ll give you all the information you need.

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